Namoi Catchment Action Plan and Communications, Namoi Catchment Management Authority

The Namoi Catchment Action Plan (CAP) is subject to review and updating on a regular basis. As part of this process the Namoi Catchment Management Authority (CMA) contracts and carries out strategic investigations to inform the CAP update and review progress towards achieving targets documented within each theme of the Plan. This project involved a review of the research results to update the CAP and the development of a range of communication products that will help the Namoi CMA to share with community and other stakeholders the implications and meaning of the new information across a range of topics. By sharing this information in a targeted, clear and concise manner, the Namoi community gained a greater appreciation of progress towards targets contained within the CAP. The products developed for this project include summaries, posters, web content, fact sheets and newsletter abstracts. Critical to this project was the development of these products within the context of the “resilience” approach ensuring that the language used is simple, readily understood and tailored to the target audience. In addition to development of the communication products, the team developed a Communication Plan detailing a series of recommendations on which method of communication will be most appropriate for different target audiences within the Namoi community.

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