Mallee Dryland Sustainable Agriculture Strategy, Mallee Catchment Management Authority

The Mallee Dryland Sustainable Agriculture Strategy aims to strengthen the future of agriculture by optimising productivity through improving on-farm resilience and enhancing collaboration between stakeholders, whilst also addressing current threatening processes for the Dryland Agricultural Catchment Asset. The Strategy focuses on private land only within the Mallee agricultural landscape. Aims of the strategy include strengthening sustainable agriculture in the region over the next six years through strategic and practical measures and providing a regionally coordinated approach towards sustainable agriculture that enhances and builds relationships between the region’s service providers, producers, manufacturers and consumers. The Strategy also supports future investment and additional resources to achieve sustainable agriculture in the region. The Strategy draws on the experiences and feedback of a number of regional partners in the region who have participated in dryland sustainable agriculture programs in the Mallee over many years. Experienced practitioners, both from private industry and government programs, contributed by providing their perspective and feedback.