Enhancing CMA Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting, North East Catchment Management Authority (on behalf of all CMAs in Victoria)

The aim of this project was to identify issues and opportunities for enhancing their Monitoring Evaluation and Reporting (MER) processes and of developing more effective, integrated MER. The purpose of the project was to develop a common CMA reporting template for Resource Condition Targets (RCTs) and Management Action Targets (MATs). The RCTs and MATs address all aspects of the environment including water management and use. In doing so the project assists in addressing a number of issues including (i) ensuring alignment between CMA monitoring and reporting and State and national monitoring and reporting initiatives (ii) enhancing CMA capacity to report to their regional communities on progress with natural resource management; and (iii) enhancing the capacity of CMAs to use the outcomes of monitoring and reporting in their investment planning and preparation of Catchment Condition Reports and Regional Catchment Strategies (RCSs).

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