Kate is a Melbourne based consultant with over 20 years’ experience in natural resource management. She is a recognised specialist in strategic planning across land, water and biodiversity.

Her key skills and capabilities include development of management plans and strategies. She is adept at assisting clients formulate clear goals and objectives and management actions that are measurable, achievable and realistic. Key skills and capabilities also include project and program evaluation and writing and editing for the natural resource sector.

Her clients include Catchment Management Authorities (CMAs) in Victoria and New South Wales, various local governments, the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP), the Environment Protection Authority (EPA), rural water authorities and not-for-profit research and extension organisations.

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Natural Resource Management Consultant

Plans and Strategies

Project and Program Evaluation

Writing and Editing


Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Monash University

Master of Arts (Environmental Studies) University of Melbourne


0417 831 146




An experienced project manager, Kate is adept at working through complex issues with stakeholders and specialists who often have conflicting views and ideas. She delivers responsive solutions based on a clear understanding of a client’s needs and thorough analysis of technical, regulatory and community considerations.


Management Plans and Strategies

Kate has extensive experience in the development of management plans and strategies across land, water and biodiversity. She has developed a number of strategies in Victoria for local government, Catchment Management Authorities (CMAs), rural water authorities and not-for-profit research and extension organisations.

Strategies typically include an assessment of the natural, social and economic environment and management actions to improve land use and productivity, protect natural assets, and strengthen community capacity and resilience.

Her work is recognised for achieving broad scale agreement between agencies on principles of sustainable land use and development, providing strong strategic direction and clear management objectives.

Kate works closely with consultation and engagement specialists to engage a wide array of stakeholders and establish cooperative partnerships between community, agencies and government.

Project and Program Evaluation

Kate has managed a number of projects within the natural resource sector to provide evidence about the appropriateness, impact, effectiveness and efficiency, of projects and programs.

Project and program evaluations that she has conducted have been supported by a range of public and private land managers, including Catchment Management Authorities (CMAs), rural water authorities, the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, Trust for Nature, and the Australian National University (ANU).

Evaluations that she has worked on draw upon field work, surveys and scientific data and reports.

Evaluations recently conducted by Kate include assessment of the implications of grazing management for biodiversity conservation in north-east Victoria as well as a number of evaluations of the irrigation modernisation program in northern Victoria.

Kate has also conducted state-wide projects to identify issues and opportunities for enhancing Catchment Management Authority (CMA) Monitoring Evaluation and Reporting (MER) of land, water and biodiversity.


Writing and Editing

Kate is recognised for her written communication skills and ability to tailor technical information and findings in a way that is clear, interesting and concise.

She is specialised in working with complex subject matter, ensuring logic, reducing complexity and conveying technical concepts to the intended audience without any loss of meaning.

All of the plans and strategies that Kate has written have been released for public comment.

Specific writing and editing expertise includes:

  • Plans and strategies
  • Technical writing
  • Tenders and proposals
  • Case studies
  • Website content
  • Newsletters
  • Annual Reports


Kate is well regarded for her ability to draw appropriately from multiple disciplines, develop practical solutions, and share information in a clear and concise manner. Over the years, Kate has developed strong working relationships with specialists that she typically collaborates with on large multidisciplinary projects. These established networks and relationships provide for strong project outcomes, innovative solutions and smooth delivery of outputs.

Streamlining Statutory Management Plans, Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

The objective of a Statutory Management Plan (SMP) is to manage the water resources of the relevant area in an equitable manner so as to ensure the long-term sustainability of those resources. It is developed by a committee, which represents all the relevant interests in the area. An SMP considers ...
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Mallee Dryland Sustainable Agriculture Strategy, Mallee Catchment Management Authority

The Mallee Dryland Sustainable Agriculture Strategy aims to strengthen the future of agriculture by optimising productivity through improving on-farm resilience and enhancing collaboration between stakeholders, whilst also addressing current threatening processes for the Dryland Agricultural Catchment Asset. The Strategy focuses on private land only within the Mallee agricultural landscape. Aims ...
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Benalla Rural City Community Plan, Benalla Rural City Council

The Benalla Rural City Community Plan outlines how, over the next twenty years, the community, the Council and other organisations will work in partnership to achieve maximum health and wellbeing for the Benalla community. The plan outlines broad objectives and actions for strengthening liveability, sustainability, inclusivity and resilience under seven ...
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North East NRM Strategy for Climate Change, North East Catchment Management Authority

The North East NRM Strategy for Climate Change aims to support the implementation of the North East Regional Catchment Strategy (RCS) and identify priority landscapes for climate change adaptation and mitigation. The strategy also aims to identify management actions to increase the resilience of these landscapes to climate change and ...
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Lake Hawthorn Management Plan, Lower Murray Water, Mildura Rural City Council, Goulburn Murray Water

The Lake Hawthorn Management Plan is a key reference document for agencies and communities that interact with the lake. The main objective of the Lake Hawthorn Management Plan is to provide a series of actions over a realistic timeframe to be implemented to improve the management of the lake. During ...
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Kow Swamp, Lake Hume, Lake Eildon and Lake Eppalock Land and On-Water Management Plan, Goulburn Murray Water

Land and On-Water management Plans are viewed as an integral component of Goulburn-Murray Water’s dams management planning portfolio. The Plans are intended to be a key reference document for Goulburn-Murray Water and the communities and diverse stakeholders that interact with these storages. Typically the Plans identify and adopt strategies that ...
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Pyap to Kingston Land and Water Management Plan, Loxton to Bookpurnong Local Action Planning Group

The Pyap to Kingston Land and Water Management Plan provides a strategic approach and established an ongoing implementation framework for the management of land and water resources within the Pyap to Kingston On Murray Land & Water Management Planning area in the South Australian Riverland region. The Plan identifies and ...
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Lake Eppalock Special Area Plan (SAP), North Central Catchment Management Authority

The overall aim of this project was to develop a Special Area Plan (SAP) for the Lake Eppalock catchment that serves to protect water quality, supply and its beneficial uses. As well as the production of the SAP, the aim was to achieve acceptance of the management recommendations and responsibilities ...
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Goulburn Broken High Country Rail Trail (GBHCRT) Management Plan, Mansfield Shire Council, Murrindindi Shire Council and Mitchell Shire Council

The Management Plan for the Rail Trail was developed to establish the management framework for the completed Rail Trail. The Plan was developed in cooperation with the Mitchell Shire Council, Murrindindi Shire Council and Mansfield Shire Council, government agencies, emergency services and community interest groups. The Management Plan guides the ...
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Namoi Catchment Action Plan and Communications, Namoi Catchment Management Authority

The Namoi Catchment Action Plan (CAP) is subject to review and updating on a regular basis. As part of this process the Namoi Catchment Management Authority (CMA) contracts and carries out strategic investigations to inform the CAP update and review progress towards achieving targets documented within each theme of the ...
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Implications of Grazing Management for Biodiversity Conservation and Productivity Outcomes in Threatened Grassy Woodlands of Northern Victoria, North East and North Central Catchment Management Authority

An evaluation was undertaken as part of a $1.2M project, titled Improving Grassy Woodlands of Northern Victoria. The project is funded by the Australian Government’s Caring for our Country initiative and the Victorian Government’s Natural Resources Investment Program. It is supported by a range of partners including the North Central ...
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Landowner Evaluations, Irrigation Modernisation and Connections, Northern Victoria Irrigation Renewal Program (NVIRP)

These projects included an evaluation of landowners throughout Northern Victoria to gauge their satisfaction with the Farm Irrigation Assessment Program, connections and modernisation. The projects involved survey, evaluation and analysis of the modernisation program. The evaluations formed part of the NVIRP Connections Program Quality Assurance Framework ...
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Enhancing CMA Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting, North East Catchment Management Authority (on behalf of all CMAs in Victoria)

The aim of this project was to identify issues and opportunities for enhancing their Monitoring Evaluation and Reporting (MER) processes and of developing more effective, integrated MER. The purpose of the project was to develop a common CMA reporting template for Resource Condition Targets (RCTs) and Management Action Targets (MATs) ...
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Audit of the Status of Completion of Approved Corangamite Catchment Management Authority Regional Catchment Strategy Activities, Corangamite Catchment Management Authority and Environment Protection Authority

The Catchment Management Authorities in Victoria (CMAs) have developed comprehensive natural resource management plans (the Regional Catchment Strategy) to guide future investment and activity in a strategic and deliberate manner. Central to these plans are themed based catchment targets (Resource Condition Targets) aligned to the aspirational statements of desired states ...
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Review of Regulatory Framework, Risk Assessment, and Recommendation of New Framework for Alternative Water Supplies, Environment Protection Authority, Department of Human Services and Department of Sustainability and Environment

This project included a review of the regulatory frameworks for the use of alternative water supplies including stormwater, greywater, treated sewage, rainwater and industrial process water within Victoria. A risk assessment of potential uses, including management controls was conducted. The study also involved the development of recommendations for a revised ...
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Land Suitability Assessments and Rural Strategies, South Gippsland Shire, East Gippsland Shire, Wellington Shire, Bass Coast Shire, Local Government and Catchment Management Authorities

These projects involved the development of rural strategies which established policies and actions for the rural and coastal areas that provide a balance between environmental concerns, natural resource based development considerations and human values. The strategies incorporated an assessment of the key natural resources, land suitability mapping and the development ...
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Shane Papworth

Coordinator – Catchments and Water Sources, Water Services, Power and Water Corporation, Winnellie NT


Lake Hume Land and On-Water Management Plan (managed by Kate Lumb at Hyder and consultation an engagement conducted by RDC)


“As project manager I found the Hyder and the RDC team highly professional, but also very easy to work with during the development of the Lake Hume Plan.
This plan, commenced in the midst of the worst drought on record, had significant risks with multiple competing stakeholder interests and agendas and a history of antagonism and mistrust between water managers and lake users.
The engagement process was truly collaborative and the team did an outstanding job in bringing together a very large and diverse array of agencies, community groups and individuals. They could all see their views being considered as the consultations progressed.
The Lake Hume Plan not only met our needs, but achieved broad scale agreement between agencies on principles for sustainable use and development of the lake and surrounding foreshore.”

Mary Munro

Leadership and Strategy, North East Catchment Management Authority


Implications of Grazing Management for Biodiversity Conservation and Productivity Outcomes in Threatened Grassy Woodlands of Northern Victoria (managed by Kate Lumb at RDC)


“On behalf of the North East and North Central CMA’s, the North East Dept. of Environment and Primary Industries, the Trust for Nature North East and the Woodlands Project Steering Committee, please accept my sincere thanks for the fantastic work you delivered for the project ‘Improving Threatened Grassy Woodlands of Northern Victoria (2011-13)’.
Your professionalism, attention to detail, thoroughness and application of technical NRM skills has produced an outstanding level of monitoring, evaluation and reporting work in the tight 6 month timeframe.
It is a testament to your group’s dedication that you were able to achieve all the deliverables to a high standard so quickly E.g. The literature Review, the Experts Forum, the new Grassy Woodlands Grazing Monitoring Tool for Northern Victoria, the Surveys and Site Assessments with funded landholders and project staff, and of course the final report tying all the components together. The final report you provided was submitted to the Victorian Government investors in July and is being submitted to the Commonwealth Government investors at the end of this month.
Thanks again for your great work.”


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